‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: What made Norman Reedus burst into tears?

Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead is as tough as they come, but the actor who plays him, Norman Reedus, reveals he got very emotional while filming a certain scene for Season 6, Episode 15.

The scene in question was one in which Glenn Rhee, Michonne, and Rosita Espinosa are trying to convince Daryl, who has left Alexandria to find and kill Dwight in order to avenge Denise’s death, to come home.

“I remember we filmed several takes of that and there were certain words that came out of Steven’s mouth that really hit home with me, and the first one was ‘home’ — ‘Come back home, we need you,’” he tells Entertainment Weekly. “And we did one of those takes, I just burst into tears when he said that word.”

“It’s interesting when you play that character with those people, and Steven’s somebody I’ve known personally and has been a good friend of mine since day 1, and there are certain ways that he could say things that just really hit home,” the 47-year-old adds.

The director didn’t end up using the take where Daryl cries, but Norman’s still pleased with how the pivotal scene came together.

“I think the only way that scene plays out the right way is how Scott cut it. It was that outburst, and that flip-around and walk away,” he says. “And it was very complicated, that little bit right there, and it meant a lot to everybody standing there.”

Norman also admits he feels like Daryl knew he was doing the wrong thing in going after Dwight, but was driven by intense guilt following Denise’s demise.

Episode 15 ended with Dwight shooting Daryl as Michonne and Glenn were being held hostage just feet away, making Daryl’s pursuit of Dwight a really bad call.

We’re fairly certain Daryl is still alive, but we’ll find out more in the 90-minute finale this Sunday.

Oh, and we’ll also meet some guy named Negan!

SOURCE: Wetpaint

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