The Walking Dead Exclusive Season 8 Photos

We’ve got new pics of Rick, Daryl, and more. Plus: Two disgusting new zombies!

Andrew Lincoln as Rick

Rick is a man on a mission in season 8, and that mission is to free Alexandria — and the Hilltop and the Kingdom — from the clutches of Negan.

Norman Reedus as Daryl

Everyone in the cast and crew talks about how fast-paced season 8 will be, and you can see that ethos in action here as Daryl takes his bike out for a spin. But is he racing toward trouble, or away from it?

Austin Amelio as Dwight

Dwight promises to be a key player in season 8 as he transitions from Savior to spy in his desire to help Alexandria take down Negan.

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel

What kind of pants does Gabriel have on here? That’s probably what Negan wants to know. The season 8 trailer showed the two in a tense confrontation, and while we know how the old Father Gabriel would have reacted to that, what about Gabe 2.0?

Andrew Lincoln as Rick, Khary Payton as Ezekiel, and Lauren Cohan as Maggie

The new leadership trio of Rick, Ezekiel, and Maggie prepare themselves — and their troops — for battle against Negan. And the many battles to come. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple says the first four episodes are pretty much nonstop action.

Sanctuary Walker

This zombie that seems to be positioned outside the Sanctuary has seen better days and does not appear ready to administer a high-five any time soon. But will it help deter Rick and Co. from attacking the Saviors?

Power Line Walker

This poor chap appears to have had the left side of his face and body burned off, perhaps due to that power line that seems to be have ensnared him. Just another example of the brilliance of Greg Nicotero and his team in coming up with gruesome new creatures to shock and delight viewers every week.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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