The Walking Dead: Watch Andrew Lincoln prank Norman Reedus with glitter bomb

Check out the latest round in the stars’ practical joke wars

Tag, Norman Reedus. You’re it! That’s because The Walking Dead star was on the receiving end of the latest round of pranks between him and costar/bromance buddy Andrew Lincoln. And once again, the weapon of choice was glitter.

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Norman on GQ Usa – October 2014

Norman Reedus turns up on his motorbike at a restaurant in the countryside of Atlanta, not far from where he lives while The Walking Dead is shot. Helmet off, he looks barely a quick rinse different from his character on the show, Daryl Dixon. “I’m so tired,” he says. “We wrapped this morning at 8:30a.m.” He says he spent the night “running for my life… stalking and running,” though he also took time to Instagram a photo of the full moon about the Georgia night forest.

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The Sun’s Coming Up… Like A Big Bald Head

Photographs by Norman Reedus, is a limited-edition collector’s volume. Through his penetrating imagery, Reedus takes us on what proves to be a hauntingly intimate journey through the dark and sublime.

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