Walking Dead Season 4: Norman Reedus on leaving the show

The Walking Dead Season 4 will have an episode all about fan favourite Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is the break-out character of the show, having slain countless squirrels and walkers, not to mention viewers’ hearts. But he has remained a man of mystery.

Even Zach (Kyle Gallner) tried to find out what Daryl did before the zombie apocalypse struck in the Season 4 premiere ‘30 Days Without An Accident’, but sadly he didn’t live long enough to discover the truth.

Speaking exclusively to SciFiNow, Norman Reedus revealed that he knows the truth: “I do, but I cant tell you because it might be addressed in an upcoming episode.

He’s referring to the much-talked about Daryl-centric episode coming up in Season 4 Part B, which we can’t wait to see, but it’s also got us very worried: in the past, when a character gets their own episode it usually means the Grim Reaper is coming.

Should we start a petition now? “I can’t tell you that!” Reedus says coyly. “I think everyone should be worried about all the characters all the time.

But if he had to leave the show, Reedus definitely doesn’t want it to be at the rotting hands of a walker.

If I had my way he would find a dog and then just walk down a road and disappear into the horizon like Mad Max. To be continued, you don’t know what happens. I’m not into the idea of being ripped apart by zombies, I’ve seen that happen quite a bit.

It would undoubtedly be a cool way to go, but we’d give Rick’s right hand to ensure a long and happy life for Daryl. He’s brought plenty of hilarious one-liners and bad-ass walker kills over the past four seasons ,and there would surely be a riot if the writers dared to get rid of him. In fact, here’s five reasons why he can never die.

1)      He’s the ultimate badass

2)      He has the coolest props

3)      You want his babies

4)      He’s 100% original

5)      Norman Reedus is having the time of his life. And so are we

All Reedus would say is that The Walking Dead Season 4 Part B is going to be the best yet: “They’re really pushing us to the limits, those storylines are so good and so detailed, like full throttle,” he tells SciFiNow. “They’re crazy well done episodes, well acted, well shot and super well written. They’re my favourite eight so far, I cant wait for people to see them.”

The beheading of Hershel and killing the Governor were such shockers, but it’s about to get much crazier.


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