‘Walking Dead’ First Look: 7 New Photos!

Glenn seeks higher ground; Daryl in the woods; Michonne’s new pets; more peeks.

Things are not looking so hot for Glenn (Steven Yeun) right here. While he appears to have escaped the herd of zombies assembled below, what goes up must come down at some point, and in his weakened state Glenn isn’t in a great position to fight off a gaggle of flesh-eaters. But do you know what would come in super handy in such a fight? Check out the next picture to find out!

Aha! Riot gear! Now we’re talkin’! This prison body armor helped Glenn out considerably in the original comic book on which the TV show is based, and hopefully it will do the same here. As long as he can keep that visor clean of blood splatter for visibility’s sake, this guy may just have a fighting chance.

It seems Michonne (Danai Gurira) may be back on her own after the fall of the prison, but she’s found some new friends to keep her company. Meet Michonne’s new pets! Like the previous pair, their jaws and arms have been removed to keep their threat level to a minimum, and walking with them through the zombie-infested countryside should offer Michonne same much-needed camouflage.

We suppose breaking and entering is not such a big deal in the zombie apocalypse. With the prison gone, it appears Carl (Chandler Riggs) is either searching for supplies or a new shelter here. But this time don’t expect the newly emboldened Carl to merely stay in the house.

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Zombie! Zombie who? Zombie want to eat you! Okay, that was pretty bad. Besides, we all know zombies can’t talk, much less make knock knock jokes. But who or what is Rick (Andrew Lincoln) looking at through this peephole? Be it friend or foe?

Forget about zombies. If you want to talk about a real threat, talk about what would happen should harm ever come to fan favorite Daryl Dixon. Enraged Norman Reedus worshipers would mobilize and their wrath would be felt many times over. Luckily, he looks just fine here. But the next picture promises a bit more danger.

Daryl Dixon is back where he belongs — in the woods. But what is he running from…or to? And while previews for the upcoming episodes made it appear that he would be leaving the prison with Beth, he is running solo here. Where’s Beth? Oh dear God, what happened to Beth ?!?

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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