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Intervista Norman Reedus

When it comes to slaying zombies, it takes a combination of hard work and good nutrition to build a killer physique.

“I don’t really subscribe to the whole “every actor has a six-pack” says Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on AMC’s The Walking Dead. ”I don’t get it. Every cop doesn’t have a six-pack. Instead of bulking up, I’m trying to look like I’m starving— and surviving a zombie apocalypse.”

That’s not to say that playing a crossbow-wielding hero on the hit series hasn’t had an impact on Reedus’s fitness. When the series began, he admits to being fairly out of shape. “I definitely had a bit of a stomach when we started Season 1,” he says. “In Georgia, you’ve kind of got to watch what you eat. But the show is so physical that over the past three seasons I’ve lost about 20 pounds.”

The intense physical strain of filming the show isn’t thin only thing that’s helped him lose weight, but it’s certainly one of the most important. “Most of that sweat you see on us is legitimate, we’re out there filming in Georgia’s 120° heat all day, and I’m lugging around a 50-pound weapon,” Reedus says. “I’m running all day long.” To [indistinct] for the latest season of the show, Reedus has logged some grueling hours in the weight room. “I don’t really ;like the big-box gyms – the ones where you’re working out in front of people all the time. I like it to be a little quieter,” the actor says.  “I worked with a trainer in a smaller gym in NYC, and I added a bit of muscle before we started filming again.”

As for his diet, Reedus simply tightened up what he was eating. “The director wanted us to be skinnier since we were coming off the winter months, so I stopped drinking beer and based my meals around meat, fish, and vegetables,” Reedus explains. “I cut out all the breads and pastas. I was eating more often, but the portions were smaller.”

So far, the actor says the stricter diet and his improved fitness are really paying off in front of the camera. “Most of the scenes in The Walking Dead are of us running from one spot to another, and along the way you’re killing 30 zombies,” Reedus says. “During Season 1, my face was just bright pink from the exertion – everyone’s was. Now that we’re been in it for a while, it almost feels like second nature.”




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