‘The Walking Dead’ season finale: New photo has Daryl Dixon fans worried

On March 27, a photo of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) was posted to Reddit and he doesn’t look too good. The picture caused a lot of fans to debate on what will happen to him in “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale. So what is Daryl’s fate on the final episode of the season?

Warning: If you do not want to know “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale spoilers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

The title of the season finale is “A” and there have been quite a few sneak peek clips and spoiler reports released. There are a few images that show Rick beaten and bloody. The photo of Daryl that was posted to Reddit shows he is also beaten up. Could their injuries happen at the same time, perhaps from the same people? Or are they completely unrelated?

In the photo, Daryl has a black eye, a cut on his eyebrow and he also has an injury to his lower lip. It definitely looks like he got on someone’s bad side and got himself into a scuffle. In the photo there are two people in the distant background and while their images are blurred because they are so far away, fans are debating who they are because it appears that at least one of them may be pointing a gun in Daryl’s direction.

The Claimers

One possibility is that Daryl and the Claimers had a disagreement about something. Joe‘s group handles things differently than Rick did. Not only that, but Daryl is used to doing things his own way, something that has already caused some conflict in his new group.

Defending Rick

If he did get into a fight with the Claimers, it could also happen because of Rick. Spoilers suggest that the Claimers and Rick are going to meet before they make it to Terminus. A sneak peek shows Carl foolishly running towards a man’s voice yelling for help in the woods and Rick and Michonne are forced to chase after him. The voice could belong to one of the Claimers or they could simply encounter each other as they get closer to the sanctuary. Joe knows what Rick looks like and has vowed revenge. While Daryl was told by Joe what happened at the house, he has no idea that it was Rick who did it. If the two groups meet, things are not going to be pleasant, but Daryl isn’t going to just sit by and let them batter Rick. Daryl is loyal to those who have earned his trust and respect.

Road bandits

Another theory is that Daryl could encounter road bandits. In the comics, Carl is nearly raped by a bandit they encounter while on the road, but Rick saves him. There is speculation that the same thing is going to happen on “The Walking Dead” season finale and that Rick will tear open the man’s throat with his teeth. Of course some fans think that Carl’s attacker could be one of the Claimers or even someone at Terminus. Perhaps Daryl encounters the bandit who tries to steal his belongings or maybe he gets beaten from helping Rick deal with Carl’s attacker.

Check out the photo of Daryl Dixon with a black eye and determine what you think will happen to him. What are your theories on “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale?

SOURCE: Examiner

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